Primary Medical Care Practice for Nursing course which comprises the practice of health history interviewing, physical examination, problem-oriented record, laboratory test and interpretation diagnosis, prescription and care of groups of medical signs and symptoms, rational drug use, basic surgical care, suture, incision and drain, nail extraction, classification nursing care and referral regarding signs and symptoms of urgent and emergency, disaster and emergency nursing, issue and trend related problem and ethics related to primary medical care.

Course Objectives:

1. Assess health conditions, perform health history taking, physical examination, plan laboratory examination and interpretation of the results,

2. Determine differential diagnosis of group of medical signs and symptoms, basic surgical care, signs and symptoms of urgent and emergency conditions, 
3. Provide primary medical prescriptions and care for a client, record the report and refer the client by using the nursing process according to the initial treatment requirements based on the legal and professional code of ethics,

4. Perform basic surgical procedures such as suturing, incision and drainage and nail extraction.